Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I feel like....

hmm.. what can i say about this chapter eh? i feel like.... lolz.. i also feel confuse about my feelings of something. I hope that i can sort it out fast because it is quite a long time that this kind of feelings havent lingering around me.

Ok now.. i found out that quite some people here around my blog want to see some of the pictures i taken this lately. Ok, i went to Pulau Langkawi with my family last month and i found that Pulau Langkawi indeed a nice place but if you planning to go there, i think you at least need rm 400 onwards to go there because you know, not only you have to rent a place to settle in, you need to eat which is not cheap at all ( they CHOP you kau kau ) and you have to rent a car there to drive. Driving there is a necessity and if you plan to walk around, don even think about it. You will surely regret if you plan to walk instead of driving there. LOLZ..

We went to the cable car in Pulau Langkawi and it was superbly nice. The weather there quite cold and the scene was undeniably nice to see with your naked eye. Anyway, it is a good trip and a good time to spend with family.

Next week will be my new semester. Still got 2 semester to go. Fast isn't it? Yeah.. it feels like yesterday.. LOLZ... Really have to pray to God and ask him to guide me in the future as the road in the future remain unknown but i know the Lord will always there for me. :D

For those who want to see some of my pictures. Please visit the website below.


God Bless You all..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back on track after a long long while..

Hey guys, happy to say that i finally come back to this blog which already been rotted for quite some times. I know some of you guys are complaining about my blog which didnt update for nearly 2 months. LOLZ.. i not playing with the canon, just i felt that i quite busy that time and at the same time, i dont have any motivation or idea to write this blog. I know some of you guys fequently update your blog, so i really salute you guys because you guys have the motivations and the ideas of what to write each day.

Finally, my exam is over. In this exam period, i struggled a lot. Frankly, i am quite a lazy guy to study and read books and usually a last minute guy in the exam period. So i finally get into trouble and i think that i not able to do well in this papers. I felt that next sem, i really need to do revision of my own frequently and i ask and pray to God and ask him to give me disclipline in my studies. Still got 2 sems to go and i dont want to mess this up. Hopefully and by God's grace, i will have faith in the Lord and go through this difficulties that in front of me. :)

Other than that, i felt excited of the MR2+ which is being held in church. Last sat is the first round and it was a battle of the stage which all the contestants have their own ability and guts in their singing and i think overall contestants really do well in it. This coming Sat MR2+, i got 4 share group members will be on the stage performing. Normally i just stay at the front line to take pictures but i also hope that time i was able to enjoy and cheer them out and hopefully they give their best shot and give glory to the Lord. I hope that i can put the latest pictures in this blog or at my facebook for all you guys to see.

ok.. now where is it.. OH YEAH!! yesterday was my last day of my exam paper and after the exam, my friends and i went to sunway pyramid to watch a movie. We started our journey from Sungai Long till Sunway Pyramid. Quite a long way but still worth of what happening on that day. It is a relaxing day which my friends and i went to have a walk around the Sunway Pyramid and went to have a steamboat fest in the 'YUEN' restaurant. The chicken wing is just too hard to resist and we were competing with other people in that restaurant!! You wont believe it. I actually calculated the time of all the chicken wings get off from the big plate. 10 SECONDS FLAT!! Amazing? Definately.. Unbelievable?? you gonna go and try to see it yourself..

After we have our dinner in the 'YUEN' restaurant, we went back to sunway pyramid to watch a movie - Money not Enough 2. You guys probably think that this is a 'average' Singaporean movie to watch and nothing special about it and maybe just some dirty or bloody or lame jokes in this movie which you think you pay RM 10 is just waste your money and time but my dear bro and sis, you are TOTALLY WRONG!! This is the MOST WORTHY AND MEANINGFUL MOVIE I EVER WATCHED till now. I really have to salute all the actors and directors and the story or plot writers in this movie. They really did a fantastic job in this movie. I dont want to say anything about the movie so that you can go watch yourself but this movie, i think is the first movie that able to make me drop of tears inside the cinema. YES, i cried because of the sadness in this movie and i can tell you that nearly all the people went into the cinema for this movie, came out with tears in their eyes and you can see that. In this movie, i learn 3 things.

1) Money is not all in this world and it can become a dangerous and evil that will break relationships.

2) Love is something amazing and unexplainable thing that you can ever imagine.

3)Family is a blessing that you can have on this earth which the Lord give to you.

Forget about how good is joker and dark knight. How many record they broke in one week or only one day. Go watch 'Money not Enough' and you know what i mean. Sometimes you even feel that how good you are now and how the Lord blessed you.

OOPPSS.. i have to go now lo. Dinner time. Hope you guys enjoy what i wrote here and hope i can write soon. :P

God Bless you all!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Long time no posting... finally back..

Well well well.. how long i didnt post the blog eh? i think more than one week or one and a half week. I really dont know why i didnt update my blog, maybe because i am busy with the tremendous-boring-and-hard-doing-assignment or got sick this few days, i really dont know. Just feel hard to write something in my blog. Finally, today i pick up my mood and keyboard and write at least something here. lolz..

Well, where should i start eh? hmm.. start with the gathering of my friend who talk about camera and photography. I met him at Mcd near my housing area. This friend of mine tried to poison me with 5 different lenses. I really poisoned by his 100mm canon ULTRASONIC MACRO lens!! I can tell you that the colour and sharpness that this lens can provide, really can make your eyes fall out. I really like this lens and i will show you one of the pictures which i use this lens to shoot. Really nice!! woots!!!

hmm.. the second thing now is that i just bought a book which about fasting and praying for our country in 40 days which until 31st of August which our country's most important day. When i got the book, i was thinking of what thing i should fast from. After thinking for a while, i think i will fast my supper for 40 days. As you guys dont know, i like to eat supper a lot so i decided not to eat my supper and use the time to read the book which i bought and pray for Malaysia. Hope that God can grant me the discipline to fast and pray for this matter till the Independence Day of Malaysia.

The third thing i want to share in this blog is about the cel group in sungai long. I think there will be a merger of sungai long, semenyih and Uniten in the next couple of weeks later. We planned to meet at semenyih because it is a center point between sungai long and Uniten so we think that it will be much easier for Desmond who fetch people from Uniten and straight go to semenyih without travel far to go sungai long for cell group. As for me, i will fetch sungai long's members and go to semenyih and meet the others cell group members. Really excited and give thanks to God today that he bring another new friend to our cell group. Hopefully that in the future, there will be more people coming to our cell group and there will be no lacking of cell group or share group in this area. Oh ya.. we will be meeting in Nelson's home if you know him.

The fourth thing now.. hmm.. faith music for this saturday which is tomorrow. Really wonder what i will be doing because tomorrow faith music will be seperated into groups and teach different instruments and stuff. For me, i think i can learn different things gua because i also carry my 400D camera running here and there and maybe at the same, i can hear what they trying to teach the new guys there and learn along. Not bad idea eh? LOLZ.. Maybe i learn bass first, don ask me why.. i also don know lah.. LOLZ..

I think i write till here lah but i want to give thanks to God although this week is nothing special for me but no bad news mean good news right? LOLZ.. and thanks to God that he is healing my sickness and i am nearly recovered from my sore throat and running nose. ( i think ) :P

See you guys and continue to pray for our country and church and other FCC memberzzzz!!! God bless!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Digital Camera world..

Hey guys, i am back in writing some of the blogging here and seems like few days didnt write this blog already. Everytime when i visit my blog, i saw someone or a bunch of group of spammers spammed my cbox kau kau.. lolz.. i really didnt know that my cbox already kena 'spam-bomb' till nearly hangus.

Yesterday nite was feeling boring and i tried to find out some website which talk about digital camear and how to shot a brilliant pictures and all those stuff. At the moment, i am thinking that i might want to read some of this how to shot brilliant stuff which is more advance compare to the basic of photography but i decided to read the basic again to polish my understanding and knowledge of the three brothers which are the Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure. This three brothers really give me headaches about how to make each and everyone of them happy and work together and this motivated me to read from the basics. Guess what? when i want to read those, i try to see how many pages it got. wow.. 6 or 7 pages with a lot of words, a lot!! But luckily, still got some pictures that he used when he trying to explain about the things and stuffs.

Oh ya.. suddenly remember something very bangga one. I just remembered that i broke a record of my own which is that i able to capture 467 pictures in church!! lolz.. when reached home that same night, have to download the pictures into my computer and then reorganize the pictures and then see which one is usable and nice and then edited it and then upload it to the website and GAO TIM!! woots!! Long process eh? yeah.. i agree also. lolz.. My eye and hand feel some pain that night maybe because of the stance taking camera which i have to hold the camera and close one eye and one eye look through the view finder. lolz.. sacrifice is worth it as i able to shot some nice pictures at church that night.

hmm.. this week and next week will be a very busy week. Assignments and mid-term test is not good for me. lolz.. Hopefully these kind of weeks will pass quickly and i hope that i can enjoy taking pictures around the corner of somewhere else. lolz.. anyway.. what the time for now? 2am.. nice.. going to sleep now and tml still got class.

I hope that i can write again soon enough. Until then, goodnite spammers!! lolz..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hmm.. a late nite... ABC...

What is the time now eh? It is 3.46am lor.. usually at this time, i think i already in bed and sleeping soundly but i just came back from yam cha with Danny and Rick in ABC outside the cheras which is also near the famous CHICKEN RICE shop which i always and like to go. Well, this recently, i didnt manage to visit and eat the chicken rice at that shop. Maybe too busy with my uni assignment or just too lazy to drive out there and eat.

Danny, Rick and i chat a lot in the mamak till we order air kosong and drink. lolz.. we reach there around 12am something and we talk talk and talk till 3 am something. First time stay till this late and was a little dizzy when reach home. Maybe drink teh tarik ais just now put me now in a really 'alert' mood. lolz..

Well, i want to give thanks to God that i finally can get the camera i want. It is a Canon 400D which officially come out at september 2006 if not wrong. Although the model is a bit outdated but i still like the function it provided to me as i am still learning how to take good photos. It is not east to learn photography as you got tons and TONS of things to learn of. From ISO, Aperture and Exposure to Shutter speed, you really need to connect those things into one because they all related to each other in order to get a good and successive shot of good pictures. Now you find taking picture is not as easy as ' Point and Shot ' style right? LOLZ.. anyway, really have to give thanks to God of his blessing to me and i hope that i will contribute and serve Him through the using of the camera. :D

ok.. what next?? erm.. hmm.. oh ya.. nearly forgot, tonight is the second night of the Sungai Long cell group gathering and we got 6 people coming for the gathering. The gathering is good and we can share among ourselves about the life we getting over the week and how God protect us and help us when we meet troubles in our life. Desmond was not able to make it to the gathering because he went back to Melaka if not wrong. lolz.. My ear always got problem in hearing something.

ok.. have to stop here lor.. what time is it now? erm.. 4.10am. great.. tomorrow have to wake up at 10am and then prepare to go to class. The assignment due date is coming and i hope that i can write soon enough and give more update of what happen in my life. This is my life's story. lolz.. 'Leading by God story' ™

Till i write again.. Ciao.. God Bless..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Amazing Nite which Led by God

<-- This picture was taken outside my mother's room window. Nothing to do that time mah.. so take lor.. LOLZ.. anyway.. the below is my story.. :)

How to explain ah? erm.. it is really amazing that last nite is a blessing and guidance from God for me and my brother. I will never forget the nite that Lord led me and guide me through the day which we seems to have no way. The story goes like this..

3am, i am planning to go sleep and brushin my teeth and other stuffs like that and finally go to bed.

4am something, my brother wake up and told me that his face feel burning and ithcy. This burning lead to pain and he told me that he couldn't sleep and have to do something with it. He tried and went to toilet to wash his face couple of times but still got no use and yet, the problem still there.

4.30am, finally, we decided to go out and see doctor but yet, there is some problems that we are facing. First, we dont have enough money. My wallet only got RM20 and my bro's wallet only got RM10!!! That time i really don know what to do at all!!!!! I started to pray to God, ask Him to help me for now i really no choice and i dont know who to find. My sis's phone already shut down and my cousin also sleeping now. So what can i do Lord?? I really don know that time..

4.40am, I remembered that i got put a lot of small coin inside a big ice-cream box. My bro and i scrambled to take the coin and then count it one by one and we managed to get RM30!!! wow!! really a blessing of God of how He guide us but another problem came. In this hour, where can i convert or change the coin into money paper? In this wee hour, people might think that we are robbers or something, so i ask God to help me and guide us once again..

4.50am, we go out from our house and then go to 7-11. I tried my luck to change the coin but they cannot change it to me due to some security matters or something to do with their machine. Without wasting any time, i went to another store opposite the 7-11 and i asked again to change the coins and they agreed to coin for me. Thank God!! While they were counting the coin, i ask one of the workers there whether they know where got this kind of 24 hour clinic and they showed me the way to one clinic which not far from there.

4.55am, reached the clinic and got inside and registered everything. Finally can meet the doctor and the doctor said that my brother's face allergy's cause is unknown but he will give him some medicine to apply on his face and some medicine to consume. Now, the interest part is here. Let see how much money we got, RM 20+10+30 = RM 60. As we are waiting for the medicine, i prayed to God to ask Him to help us because i scare that the medicine cannot be covered with the money we got but who knows?? God himself did the miracle which surpass all the human understanding and this can be proved that the medicine cost us RM 58!! Really once again, Give thanks to God the Highest!!!

5.20am, reached home and although my body and mind feel tired but my heart still fill with thanksgiving to God. We both went to bed after my brother apply the medicine on his face and feel better and then we both off to sleep.

So... what do you think about this? Is this a conincidence? For me, i dont think it is conincidence because i have faith that God will surely help me and my brother in that very second which we do not know who to look for help as there are no way to go but God still remain beside us and help us. Really.. really give thanks to Lord Jesus.. Thank you once again.. :)

woots~~ seems like i post quite a lot today eh.. oh ya.. today also a good day for me and folks in sungai long because today is the official day that sungai long got a Cell Group!!! WOOTS!!!! DOUBLE WOOTS!!

I think i gonna rest my hand for now. LOLZ.. type quite a lot for today.. but still got other thing to say but i think next time only write lah.. keke.. anyway, just want to share that, although you guys out there face a lot of problems or face spiritual attack, i just wanted to share with you guys that no matter what is going to happen, God will be there with you. You only need to put your trust and faith to Him!! Until i write again brothers and sisters!!! God Bless!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time past so fast..

Time past so fast for me and everybody. It's going to be July in the next 3 days and we already gone through 6 months of 2008. The old chinese folks alway said that ' Time will not wait for you' seems like right for me sometimes. Now i am studying in Utar year 3 semester 1 and next week already week 6 for my current sem. I want to thank God because last week, i had a very difficult time handling and answering my mid-term test and i dont know whether will i make it pass or will eventually fail it in my horror expectation. Anyway, i just want to thank God and praise him that i able to take a 'little breakthrough' step which i can study it for little earlier than last time because i am a person who kinda lazy to study. LOLZ.. This week wednesday got another mid-term test and this test is proven to be a tough one for me and the coming week after this week will be another mid-term test and this will be the toughest one. I really wonder whether i can handle this 2 subjects or not but nevertheless by God grace and power, i will rely on Him to help me overcome this fear and worry as fear and worry is not from God himself. I really need to thanks Him because he helped me last semester when i was hopeless in my last paper and i really thought it will fail but the result came out unexpected and i passed the exam. Really, really give thanks to God as he sees me through the whole exam period.

Other than that, this lately i found back the pictures which we took in the cell gathering 2 months ago. We had a great time eating dinner at Chicken Hartz in Sunway Pyramid and the chicken there really good. haizz.. make me hungry now.. lolz.. really happy that time we go for outing.. hope there will be another one soon. There will surely be another one~!!!

Hmm.. a bit hungry now ler.. don know what to eat. lolz.. now already 1am something!! haha.. ok lah.. I think i have to end my blogging here for today. Hope to write again and we see each other later then.. God Bless You All..